Idaho Professional Women Express Network
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Here are our past events and activities and links to our previous presenters' bios.

 December 20December FlyerTeena McBride - December's Presenter
 November 15November Flyer

Annual Holiday Extravaganza

 October 18October Flyer

Nate Eaton - October's Presenter 

 September 20September Flyer

James Francis - September's Presenter

 August 16August Flyer

Janet Barton - August's Presenter 

 July 19July 

No Meeting

 June 21

June Flyer

Carrie Scheid - June's Presenter 

 May 17May Flyer

Karen Lansing - May's presenter 

 April 19April Flyer

Shelly Lehto - April's presenter 

 March 15 
March FlyerKrista Nebeker - March's presenter
 February 16 
February FlyerTami Douglass - February's presenter
 January 19January FlyerKris Millgate - January's presenter

 December 15December FlyerKrisi Staten - December's Presenter
 November 17November Flyer

Annual Holiday Extravaganza

 October 20October Flyer

Claire Smith - October's Presenter 

 September 15September Flyer

Amy Lientz - September's Presenter

 August 18August Flyer

Julie Zahn - August's Presenter 

 July 21July 

Election of Officers

 June 16

June Flyer

Tiffany Redden - June's Presenter 

 May 19May Flyer

Dr. David Adler- May's presenter 

 April 21April Flyer

Sgt. Alisa Prudent - April's presenter 

 March 17  March FlyerTami Douglass, CRPC - March's presenter
 February 17  February FlyerTrent White - February's presenter
 January 20January FlyerDr. Janet Allen - January's presenter

 December 16December FlyerRod Hansen - December's Presenter
 November 18November Flyer

'Tis the Season - Local Vendors

 October 21October Flyer 

Brandi Newton - October's Presenter 

 September 16September Flyer

Dana Kirkham - September's Presenter

 August 19August Flyer

Dennis Wilkinson - August's Presenter 

 July 15July 

Election of Officers

 June 17

June Flyer

Tiffany Redden - June's Presenter 

 May 20May Flyer

Sumerli Lynch - May's presenter 

 April 15April Flyer 

Rebecca Casper - April's presenter 

 March 18  March FlyerKarole Honas - March's presenter
 February 18  February FlyerNancy Batchelder - February's presenter
 January 21January FlyerCari Mugleston - January's presenter

 December 17December FlyerDecember's presenter
 November 19November Flyer

November's Presenter

 October 15October Flyer 

October's Presenter 

 September 17September Flyer

Sally Glass - September's Presenter

 August 20August Flyer

Amber Carmichael - August's Presenter 

 July 16July 

Election of Officers

 June 18

June Flyer

Shelly Smede - June's Presenter 

 May 21May Flyer

Chef Heather Cude - May's presenter 

 April 16April Flyer 

Tiffany Redden - April's presenter 

 March 19  March FlyerJeanie Brady - March's presenter
 February 19  February FlyerScott Hinschberger - February's presenter
 January 15January FlyerLexie French - January's presenter

 December 18 December Flyer

Pamper Me Party!! 

 November 20 November Flyer

Sue Shadley - November presenter

 October 16 October Flyer

Shelly Smede - October presenter

 September 18 September Flyer 
 August 21 August Flyer 
 July * * * * *


 June 19June Flyer 

Bio of Tamara Wulf - June's presenter 

 May 15May Flyer 

Bio of Michelle Ziel - May's presenter 

 April 17April Flyer

 Bio of April's presenter

 March 20     March FlyerBio of Anne Timpany - March's presenter
 February 21     February FlyerBio of Tiffany Redden - February's presenter
 January 17     January FlyerBio of Jared D. Fuhriman - January's presenter

 April 20     April FlyerBio of Dr. Brady M. Wirick - April's presenter
 March 16     March FlyerBio of Tiffany Redden - March's presenter
 February 16     February FlyerBio of Mary Whitaker - February's presenter
 January 19     January FlyerBio of Jeffrey G. Hawkes - January's presenter

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.