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IPWEN Presenter's Biography - Master Scott Southwick

Master Scott Southwick - IPWEN's March 2011 presenter

Master Scott Southwick
Southwick Black Belt Academy 

Local Martial Arts Instructor, Master Scott Southwick, received the IMAC (International Martial Arts Council) 2011 Instructor of the Year Award, presented at a ceremony on January 23, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Master Southwick, Master Instructor of the Southwick Black Belt Academy, was nominated and selected from instructors across North America, Hawaii and Mexico.

Master Southwick, a 6th Degree Black Belt under the Uchudo style, first began training at the age of 8 when he and his father, Wayne Southwick, attended Harlow McNamara's school in Idaho Falls.  Master Southwick became an Assistant Instructor at the age of 16, helping other students with their training.  After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force in 1996, he returned to Southeast Idaho where he opened his first martial arts school in Idaho Falls and then the second in Pocatello in 1997.  He certified as an instructor in 1999 under Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee; Master Southwick's school was recognized as being in the top 50 in the nation.  He is ranked as a Multi World Champion in tournament competitions.  Many of his students are also multi world champions ranging from age 7 to adult.

Master Southwick and his wife Tia opened Southwick Black Belt Academy in 2004 which now has schools in Pocatello and Idaho Falls.  On December 20, 2006, his 33rd birthday, Master Southwick was promoted to the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt under Grand Master Stan Witz.   (It is very rare to become a master instructor at only 33 years of age.)  Under Grand Master Witz, Master Southwick was appointed to the IMAC Council as Head Master of the TaeKwonDo, TangSooDo and Hapkido disciplines.

Master Southwick certified in business planning under Chief Master Clark.  Among others, Master Southwick has certified in Pressure Point Control and Joint Lock Techniques, Personal Defense and Security, SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention), Disruptive Student Management, Weapons handing in bo staff, nunchucks, escrima, and kubaton, and in coaching Olympic TaeKwonDo.

He is a Desert Storm veteran who served in Saudi Arabia during his active service from 1992-1996 as an aircraft mechanic.  He re-enlisted in the Idaho Air National Guard in 2007 where he has been promoted "Below the Zone" and awarded Airman of the Quarter.  Ranked as a Staff Sergeant, Master Southwick works as a Chaplain's Assistant and is certified to train instructors for and to run the Family Wellness Program.  He is a certified Emergency Responder and trains Crisis Response Teams.

As of today, his goal is to share martial arts with the world.  He is well on his way in Southeast Idaho.  Master Southwick offers all new members from ages 3 through adult who wish to train at his academy a 30-day FREE Pass to try martial arts.

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